This is the Policy making and supervisory(Governing) Arm of UNYFA comprising young farmers’ leaders from District Young Farmers’ Associations / Initiatives across the six regions of Uganda. The Board members are elected at the Members’ Annual General Meeting of the Association once every three years and hold Board meetings every quarter of the year. The Board possesses seven members namely: President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary and Committee Members, These members are elected with respect of gender mainstreaming and they work hand in hand with Sub-committees and the secretariat.



Regional Young Farmers’ Committees/Councils

UNYFA Regional Committees are made up of the District Young Farmers’ Association Chairpersons from respective regions. These include: Central Region Young Farmers’ Committee; Eastern Region Young Farmers’ Committee; Far-Eastern Region Young Farmers’ Committee; Northern Region Young Farmers’ Committee; West Nile Region Young Farmers’ Committee and Western Region Young Farmers’ Committee.

District Young Farmers’ Committee/Councils

These are our prime members of UNYFA forming young farmers’ councils at District level. The members at this level come from grassroots constituents namely sub-county & Parish committees which are founded from the young farmers’ groups/ initiatives found at village level.


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