Meet the growing team dedicated to alter the face of Agriculture among Ugandan Youths.​

1.Denis Kabiito is the current CEO/National coordinator of UNYFA. He is a biologist, a farmer, fisheries scientist and an aqua-culturist. He has served as an Agricultural extension officer with 10 years’ work experience in rural extension development work plus advocacy, training and lobbying. He is experienced in program development and management, Monitoring and evaluation and a public health specialist (Msc.). He has worked with farming households, a farmer association 1.      facilitator and also facilitated the formation of several associations and primary co-operatives in the central region of Uganda. For over three years (2013- Dec 2015) he was the head of programming (Programmes Manager) in Caritas Kasanaensis, the social services and development arm of Kasana-Luweero Diocese, running  all rural development services like  a community savings methodology for the rural poor called Village savings and Loaning (VSAL), Agriculture enhancement, climate change adaptation projects,  education and OVC Programmes in Kasana-Luweero diocese. He has for over four years (2012-2015) been the region coordinator for the Central Archdiocesan Province Caritas association Project, concerned with association formation and cooperatives for marketing of coffee and household produce.

Denis Kabiito is a farmer in Rakai district- central Uganda. He owns a 10 hectare farm that has poultry, bananas, maize, coffee and goats.

        2.Namata Samalie is the Administrative Assistant at the secretariat, a Ugandan youth born on 23rd August 1992 in Wakiso district, she holds a bachelors’ degree of Education from Makerere University, a teacher by profession. Her passion and skills in practicing agriculture particularly piggery farming have won her a position at Young Farmers Federation of Uganda.

        3.MAGEZI Samuel is the Programs Officer of UNYFA who Ugandan youth is born on 12th June 1992 in Mpigi district by a small holder farmer; He holds a first degree in Agriculture and Rural Innovation from Makerere University. His ingenuity in practicing farming has made him knowledgeable and resourceful to others in aspects such as Peri-urban farming, Passion fruit growing & value addition and piggery farming at the Young Farmers Federation of Uganda. He believes in togetherness upon realizing and involving youths in Uganda’s agricultural sector

     4.Wandera Joseph is the Communications Officer/ Lead Trainer for UNYFA, a young farmer born on 14th December 1990 in Wakiso, Uganda. He holds a BSC. Agriculture and rural innovation studies from Makerere University and a certificate in Biogas constructions technologies. He possesses excellent skills in communication, teamwork, analytical planning and management, livestock management and crop husbandry as well as interpersonal skills. Joseph has volunteered in UNYFA since September 2016 and also an expert in Biogas construction & training.