The objective of the international program is to empower women in rural areas of Uganda in the agriculture and food sector.
The program aims to strengthen female leadership skills, knowledge about lobbying and advocacy to give rural women a voice, and to empower Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs)/women groups in the agriculture and food sector. Furthermore, in exchange with rural women in Germany, participants will get to know the structure and activities of the German Association of Rural Women (dlv).
In total 20 participants will be selected. After a study tour to Germany in October, the 20 Ugandan participants will develop own innovative transfer ideas/activities (in regards to the above-mentioned topics), which they will implement by themselves, with support from dlv and UNYFA, back in Uganda.

Applications open: 12th June 2023
Applications close: 9th July 2023


Lobby, Advocacy and Networking in the Agriculture and Food Sector; Association development of FBOs and women groups; Female leadership; Exchange with German rural women.


The programme contains 5 phases:

  1. Preparation Workshop in Kampala, 2 days (end of August/beginning September 2023): Team building, Communication, getting to know each other, Visa support documents, and application Travel documents preparation.

2. Study tour from 1. to 11. October 2023 in Germany will comprise

  • theoretical input about topics mentioned above
  • visits and exchange with Rural Women associations at a local level in Germany as well as visits to farms/agricultural businesses of German rural women (4 days)
  • First steps in the development of transfer idea/activity

Expected dates of the study tour:

October (departure from Entebbe) to 11. October 2023 (departure from Berlin).

  • During the study tour the 20 rural women from Uganda will participate in seminars about Lobby,
    Advocacy and Networking in the Agriculture and Food Sector; Association development of FBOs
    and women groups and Female leadership.
  • Furthermore, field trips will be conducted to get to know the German agricultural sector and the
    structures and activities of the German Association of Rural Women.
  • The objective of the study tour for the 20 participants is also to define own innovative transfer
    ideas/activities (in regard to the above-mentioned topics) in the agricultural and food sector,
    which they will implement by themselves back in Uganda.

3. Furthermore, there will be a 2-day follow-up workshop in Uganda (Nov/Dec 2023) with the participants to discuss their progress and challenges in implementing their transfer ideas/activities.

4. Implementation of transfer ideas/activities, independently by each participant

5. Additionally, a 2-day evaluation and exchange workshop will be held in Uganda (May/June 2024) for all participants after the implementation of their transfer ideas.

✓ The study tour in Germany is organised by dlv
✓ Both workshops in Uganda are organised by dlv in partnership with UNYFA.
✓ All costs for participants are covered by dlv.

Criteria for selection of participants

The selected rural women should be interested and in a certain position to learn about the following topics: Association Development (establishing or strengthening of FBOs/women groups), Advocacy and Lobbying as well as Leadership. Furthermore, they should be motivated for an exchange with German rural women and ready to develop and refine own innovative ideas in the agricultural and food sector which they will implement by themselves back in Uganda.

The following criteria are important for the selection of the participants:

  • Availability for all 5 phases
  • The participants are active female members of a Farmer Based Organization (District Level or Subcounty Level) or women’s group in Uganda
  • The participants hold a leadership position or are ambitious to hold a leadership position in a Farmer Based
  • Organization or women’s group in the agriculture or food sector. At least half of the participants should already hold a leading position.
  • Participants should be able to act as multipliers back in Uganda.
  • Participants can be elected or non-elected members.
  • Participants are motivated to implement innovative ideas in Uganda to progress own business or organisation.
  • The participants are proficient in English. English is the official language of the training in this project.
  • The participant should be willing to actively participate in the project for several weeks for the entire
  • program (see 5 phases above).
  • Participants are interested in international and interregional learning experiences/exchange.
  • Participants should also be able to travel to Germany for 10 days to participate in the seminar and possible field trips.
  • Participants can come from all districts in Uganda, there is no restriction to certain districts.
  • Participant must be a female Ugandan Citizen.


Each participant must;

  • fill and submit the attached Application Form and attach all the necessary documents (see list below)
  • submit a short motivation letter indicating why they would like to participate and what kind of value it would bring to them
  • submit a personal resume ( CV ) indicating their occupation, professional background, and their status of membership in an FBO – must be submitted.

Only complete applications will be considered.

Deadline for submission: 9th July 2023
All application documents must be submitted via Email to or dropped at
the UNYFA office at Plot 27, Nakasero Road, Kampala Uganda.