Get bean seeds, pay back in dried beans later!

Seedloans is a Ugandan-German Social Impact Project set up as a project to improve livelihoods of female subsistence farmers in Uganda by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of “Zero Hunger”, “No Poverty”, “Gender Equality” and “Life on Land”. Seedloans aims to provide a holistic programme consisting in agricultural inputs as loan in-kind which shall be complemented by market linkage, training, post-harvest handling and a digital communication solution.

In February 2021, UNYFA signed an MOU with Seedloans to support female farmers to get high quality seeds and fertilizers. This seedloans model is a loan model where farmers receive high quality seeds and fertilizers as a loan and payback with seeds after harvesting. For pilot phase, 60 female farmers in Iganga/Bugweri and Mpigi were given quality bean seeds and fertilizers. They were also given support by the UNYFA and Seedlaons team on the best agronomy practices through regular visits to their farm and through SMS notifications since all the beneficiaries were onboarded on a mobile system through which they were able to receive farming advice.

From the success of the pilot phase and lessons learnt, the project is scaling up to support 300 female farmers between the age of 10-39 years in 4 districts in Eastern (Iganga and Jinja) and Central (Mpigi and Masaka) Uganda. We therefore invite female farmer groups in these districts to apply for this opportunity to get good quality bean seeds and fertilizers to improve their yields.


  • Female farmer.
  • Less than 2 acres of land (subsistence farming).
  • Member of a farmer group registered with UNYFA.
  • Located in the Central or Eastern region.
  • Usually plants bean seeds.
  • Between 18-39 years old

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submissions is 30th June 2021. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered.