Farm Succession is the key for older and younger generations to make family farming sustainable.

Program Background

Family farming is the predominant form of food and agricultural production in both developed and developing countries, producing over 80 percent of the world’s food in value terms. 70% of the farms in Uganda can be characterized as family farms majority being managed and operated by a family and predominately reliant on family capital and labour including both women and men. the family and the farm are linked-evolving and combine economic, environmental, social and cultural functions. The family farms have adherent capacity to transfer skills, knowledge, land and other production factors through inheritance. Given the multidimensional nature of family farming, farm and family, food production and living, farm ownership and work, traditional knowledge and innovative solutions, the past, present and future are all deeply intertwined. Family farmers hold unique potential to become key agents of development strategies since it has the potential of solving the utmost factors affecting agriculture today.

However, the Multidimensional nature of family farming makes it more complex and many conflicts arise due to poor/lack of better framework conditions that guide family farmer’s on how to ensure the smooth transfer of their farms to the new generations. Utmost many conflicts are triggered by unresolved inheritance disputes, often complicated by polygamous family relationships. Ignorance and unclear Inheritance laws, culturally based obligations to divide land within the heirs, especially to the boy child neglecting the girl child. These cultural obligations make it difficult to hand over land and means of production. If land is divided over generations, the fields are soon too small to give sufficient yield for the young and the old. The transfer of farm, land, livestock and means of production in such cases only makes sense, if the quality of the land and the business model allows for an increase in production.

With the aim of making better framework conditions for the family farmer’s, the young farmer’s Federation of Uganda together with their partners the Andreas Hermes academia piloted farmer succession project/ Gen-X, this informed the development of a guideline and a module that can be used to coach, mentor and follow-up farmers as they undergo their succession journey. Upon developing and launching of the farm succession manual and guideline, UNYFA started farm succession consultation service that we will see 20 farmers from farming families benefit through hands on practical training. This training will involve residential workshops, coaching and mentorship session at the farmer’s farms.

The goal is to build a set of role models within communities that will act as succession change agents. These will foster an understanding to their peers that its possible thus creating a win-win situation for both the current and old generation.
With this background information we invite interested farming families to register with us, if they fulfill the underlying condition articulated within the eligibility clause below;

Program period: 12 months (September 2021 – September 2022)


• A Ugandan Citizen Male or female
• Aged between 25-70 years of age
• Must possess a running family farm which has been in existing for some good number of years
• For the young farmers the farm must have been in exist for at least the last 3 years.
• Must be literate (able to read, write and listen and comprehend in English
• Must be in position to leave the farm for about 2-3 days to attend workshops when called upon
• Must be willing to cost share on some of the activities within the program.
• Must pay 50,000 non-refundable commitment fees for the training.
• The fees can be paid via Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda Multipurpose Account- 07187690015, Bank of Africa, Kampala Road Branch. Or Via mobile money 0774-532-670
• Female head households are highly encouraged to apply
• Applicant can be a member of Co-operative, farmer organization, affiliated to non-government organization, or an independent commercial farmer with a viable farm
• Must demonstrate willingness to learn and put in practice what he has learnt.

Application guidelines

  • Independently or with assistance from a family member fill all parts of the application form
  • Use personal details (e- mail address, phone number because these will be used in contacting you)
  • Only complete applications will be considered
  • To complete the application, please attach the screen shot of the mobile money message or the bank slip in case you pay through the bank.
  • Apply between Monday 6th Sept 2021 to Friday 29th Sept 2021

Selection Criteria

Individuals will be selected basing on:
• Viability of the family farms,
• Priority will be given to household heads who are the farm owners or key decision makers for the family farm
• Willing to cost-share on some of the activities of the program
• Ability to read and write and comprehend basic English.