Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health

Application Guidelines

Make a 3-5 minutes video following the guidelines below;
● Carefully read and understand the above video set questions before recording.
● You can use your smartphone/camera for recording.
● Keep the video short! Aim at a maximum of 5 minutes.
● Please hold your smartphone in landscape format
● Please look into the camera and not at yourself.
● Try to avoid backlit settings (this is when the sun is behind the person on the video). Shoot in natural light, not inside if possible.
● Look for a windless and calm spot to avoid background noise. Take a short sound test to see if the sound is good.
● Use a selfie stick or another person can hold the phone for the video to be more stable.
● Please record the question you are responding to as well (also if you are doing the interview by yourself).

Below are the questions to guide you in making a 3-5 minutes video. Please be precise, with Clear sound and focus.

Videos exceeding 5 minutes will automatically be disqualified.

Questions & Answers

QuestionsTips for answering
Introduce your selfName, age, highest level of education, Experience in farming, location of the farm
Tell us about your farmFarm details like Size, enterprises on the farm, method of farming
What innovation do you have?
How has the Covid19 pandemic affected your operations with emphasis on the food system challengesGive examples of challenges you have faced on the farm/enterprise and how you have overcome them.
How does your Farm enterprise contribute towards a sustainable food system and environmental conservation?Detail on innovative measures and strategies employed on your farm to contribute towards the food system and environmental sustainability.
In case you win, how will you impact other youths to create livelihoods from agricultureFuture plans to engage other youths into agriculture and contribute to building sustainable food systems.